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Breaking: Democrats Now Banning Prayer as Healthcare Option?!

The News Done Right team explores the deplorable options for healthcare in America.

Is Bernie Really Celebrating the Birth of Communism in Cabo?!

The News Done Right team shares their exclusive invitation to Bernie Sanders Birth of Communism fiesta!

New Release: Hillary’s Wheel of Blame

New Release: Hillary’s Wheel of Blame!

Are Elizabeth & James Replacing Jimmy Kimmel? Here’s the latest!

News Done Right team in the hunt for Late Night Hosting duties.

Braveheart – Checkout How Bernie Sanders Looks in a Kilt!

Fan Club reveals never before seen pictures of Bernie Sanders leading SJW protests around the globe.

Is Bernie Sanders going to Jail for Bank Fraud??!

Elizabeth and James disagree if the FBI investigation swirling around Jane Sanders bankrupting a Vermont college is a good thing for Team Sanders.